The APROECO Agrarian Cooperative offers one of the most fascinating experiences of alternative tourism in San Martin. Walking among the jungle vegetation of Alto Mayo for the different farms of our producers, where their main crop is coffee and also the grain that germinated a change in their lives.

Where you can appreciate the crops and learn the whole process from the planting of the product, harvest, drying, grain selection, processing, export, roasting and tasting. Tourism is experiential, you can share with the dedicated coffee growers and their families, appreciate the great biodiversity that coffee plantations have with a high richness of species, thanks to spatial heterogeneity.

First Station
Second Station
Third Station
Technical Assistance

We provide technical assistance in the production and management of coffee in the field to our associates and independent producers who request our services, for that we have a technical team specialized in crop management.

Auditorium rental

Rental of auditorium with capacity for 50 people, ventilated environment, with projector and equipment, we include coffee to drink in the snack.

Training in Physical Analysis and Cupping

We provide training in physical analysis and coffee cupping.