ruta del cafe

The APROECO Agricultural Cooperative offers one of the most fascinating experiences of alternative tourism, the "Coffee Route" in the province of Moyobamba, San Martin region - Peru. Walking through the jungle vegetation of Alto Mayo through one of the farms of our producers, where the main crop is coffee, the grain that germinated a change in their lives.


Where the tourist will experience the life of a coffee grower, participating in agricultural work, the benefit, tasting and preparation of coffee in different methods, as well as learn from the local culture, enjoy a refreshing swim in the Paccha Waterfall, relax in the waters Hot springs and observe beautiful landscapes, hummingbirds and orchids.

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Technical Assistance

We provide technical assistance in the production and management of coffee in the field to our associates and independent producers who request our services, for that we have a technical team specialized in crop management.

Auditorium rental

Rental of auditorium with capacity for 50 people, ventilated environment, with projector and equipment, we include coffee to drink in the snack.

Training in Physical Analysis and Cupping

We provide training in physical analysis and coffee cupping.