Pergamino Coffee

It is the result of the profit made by each of our partners in their farms, After a selective harvest, different types of fermentation are carried out, in some cases it is washed and in others not, they are dried in the sun in solar tents until reaching a humidity between 11% and 12%. We sell for quintals of 55.2 kilos.

Green Gold Coffee

It is the result of the parchment coffee threshing process, selecting the coffees suitable for export, these grains are packed in Grainpro bags and 69 kilos jute bags to be exported in containers, these coffees have a cupping score from 80 to 84 points.

Caracolillo Coffee

It is the coffee bean selected from the other grains because of its spherical shape because a single seed makes up a coffee cherry, for this reason it is called Caracolillo, these grains must be carefully selected and roasted. We sell by kilograms in green or toasted grain.

Roasted Coffee

It is the green gold coffee selected toasted and packed in trilaminadas bags of 250gr, 500gr and 1 Kilo, with the Kuntu Coffee brand, in grain or ground it has 84 points in cupping.