About us?

We are a cooperative formed by small coffee producers, united voluntarily to meet their needs and achieve their economic-social aspirations in common, through a jointly owned company and democratic management. Looking for a level of life worthy of its partners and guarantee the future of their children.


Provide solutions to our associates with quality services supporting their capacity enterprising and at the same time commercializing their products with high quality standards in harmony with the environment.


To be the leading cooperative in Peru, managing to improve the quality of life of our members, offering organic products abroad with environmental responsibility.

Our Team

We have a team of people who are always willing to give their best for maintain the quality of the grain in each part of the process, each of our employees leaves his best effort embodied in the quality coffee that our producers give us for process and market, thanks to our employees and our producers we can deliver the best coffee to our consumers.

With strategic objectives:

  Contribute to the welfare of the partners.

  Increase and position the offer of products and services.

  Improving customer satisfaction.

  Generate cooperative and leadership capacities.

Our History

We are constituted under the Social Reason of ASSOCIATION OF ECOLOGICAL PRODUCERS, under the initials APROECO, in the city of Moyobamba - San Martín, in the year 1999. It was founded with 20 members of the Valley of the Gera River - Jepelacio.

In the Years 1999-2003 APROECO is part of the Inter-institutional Strategic Alliance Agreement for the promotion of organic coffee growing in the Alto Mayo Valley, having as entities participants of the Agreement to the PEAM - GTZ - PRONATUR and APROECO, whose results obtained the organic certifications and FLO, which served to start the market search in order to export and 73 hectares were certified.

In the period 2004-2008 APROECO signs a Mutual Cooperation Agreement with PRONATUR, sharing technical assistance services and certification of special coffees. The part of the coffee marketing, financial, institutional - administration and management of funds of the coffee prize from the Mercado Justo were handled by PRONATUR. With this agreement was achieved to export our first containers through PRONATUR and positioning in the market, the Organic and Fair Trade certification was maintained, in addition the area was bought of land where the central facility works and we obtained an economic fund from the Fair Trade Premium.

On April 10, 2007 it is registered in the public registers of Moyobamba, under the Partida Electronics N°. 11001261 ​​in order to be in accordance with the reality of their activities economic, commercial and financial resources and, therefore, their structure and social aspect, in concordance with the criteria of its organic special coffee and fair market programs. On July 17, 2007 begins its activities, with RUC Nº.20531360525.

On November 25, 2008, the Associate General Assembly of APROECO, concludes the Agreement with PRONATUR, initiating its administrative, economic and financial independence and new agreements such as: PEAM, ECOSELVA, PRODELSUR, RAINFOREST TRADING, CEPICAFE and with ROOT CAPITAL, AGROBANCO, and customers importing coffee with VOLCAFE SPECIALTY COFFEE, SUSTAINABLE HARVEST, COFFEE TEAM, INTERNATIONAL COFFEE CORPORATION, N.J.DOUEK. It started to directly export the year 2009 to the United States, a container to the Sustainable Harvest client.

November 2012 agree on the transformation from association to multiple service cooperative, being under the corporate name of Cooperativa de Servicios Múltiples APROECO Ltda. In 2012 It starts with the production of ground roasted coffee with our brand Kuntu Coffee at the request of tourists who visit the cooperative for being on the Moyobamba tourist route, starts with the participation of the spouses of the partners seeking their inclusion in the activities of the cooperative. We obtained the support of Techno Links - Meda. Sales have been growing gradually selling an average of 12 kg per month.